Founded in 2004, Share Electronics Co., Ltd (SECL) is a professional manufacturer of electronic Transformer, Inductor,Coil,hardware and solutions. There are more than 200 employees servicing global customers.

We are committed to servicing customers with our wide selections of products, as well as our expertise to handle customer requirements.

We stand behind the products we sell. Our goal is to supply our valued customers with finest quality products, excellent technical support and customer service. We strive to provide top quality service and products.


   There may be many reasons why a "Standard Component" is not the ideal solution - but then it's good to know that we would like to make special editions or new developments to offer the right solution. 

   Simple wishes for variants of output voltages, terminal locations, self-induction and the like, can often be met immediately.

   But we also like to participate in complete development of completely new designs or components. This can include everything from the production of new injection molding tools, special approvals, new winding technologies, etc. .....


   1,   If the product is to be used in large numbers, there are even more reasons for cooperation from the start with SHARE. There can certainly be advantages of this, which means that the product will get the very right design and cheapest price from SHARE.

 SHARE can offer many designs. Those designs that can normally meet the wishes or requirements - but if necessary, we would like to customize or make new plastic tools for encapsulation, coil-molding and much more.

   2,  We can offer that even custom-made transformers will be covered by approvals from UL, CSA, KEMA, etc., but we will be happy to assist you in implementing them. New approvals may be required.

 Everything from the first trial series, new approvals, new plastic tools, special packaging and up to extremely high volume production are part of SHARE competence areas.

   3,  Low power loss during idle is being increasingly focused. As required, different core materials and induction levels can be selected, both of which can affect both idle and full load loss quite significantly.

  SHARE have that knowledge - and it will of course be used best when new products are designed.    



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